Investor Relations

The Board recognises the importance of maintaining on-going communication with shareholders. The Company promotes communications with shareholders through several communication channels including publication of notices, circulars and announcements of key revelopments, and interim and annual reports as prescribed under the Listing Rules which can also be accessed via the “Investor Relations” of the Company’s website. The latest version of the amended and restated Bye-laws has been published both on the websites of the Company and Stock Exchange since 9 March 2012 and did not made any amendments to the Bye-law during the Year. The aims of the Company are to improve its transparency, gain more understanding and confidence in relation to the Group’s business developments and acquire more market recognition and support from the Shareholders.

Shareholders are encouraged to attend all general meetings of the Company. The notices of the special general meetings and annual general meeting of the Company were circulated to all shareholders in accordance with the requirements of the GEM Listing Rules and the Bye-laws. It is a standard practice to have the non-executive Directors available to answer questions relating to their roles, tenure, and the committees of the Board. The results of voting by poll are published on the websites of the Stock Exchange and the Company after the meetings.

Any comments and suggestions to the Board can be addressed to our Hong Kong office or the Company Secretary by mail to Unit 2613A, 26/F., Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong or email at